Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Use Nutty Drinks and Flaky Themes to Warm up Winter Cocktail Hours

Winter destination corporate meetings can be quite cold, so we say embrace your climate, build a "snowy" theme and most importantly, warm your attendees' hearts with something a little nutty and buttery at a cocktail hour.

You can find this exact kind of liquid comfort at New York City event venues that continually reinvent old classics into something quite tasty! Our favorite is a Brown Butter Old Fashioned and we are told the secret behind the drink's success is a process called fatwashing. Browned butter is mixed into whiskey, where it settles and chills. After sitting overnight, the solidified fat is lifted off the surface, leaving the bourbon as clear as the winter sky.  Add in root beer bitters, wintergreen and Maraschino liqueur, and you have a nutty, buttery alternative to both the simple Old Fashioned and a calorie-disaster eggnog.

Want to go over-the-top? Incorporate a winter theme into the event. It could be fun as "apre-ski" where attendees can wear crazy seasonal hats, or something more elegant.  Either way, continued advances in LED technology will help provide decor that truly looks and feels like a winter wonderland!

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