Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A "tasty" corporate retreat idea in New York City

Looking for a new retreat idea for your corporate executives? Try private tasting menus right in the middle of New York City.

It’s also a great fit for small destination incentive groups.

We found one venue that has taken the tasting menu to a new level, and with a capacity for 12, provides the intimacy high-level executives are increasingly seeking for a unique way to collaborate while remaining in close proximity to the larger meeting. One of the most recent seasonal tasting menus looked like this:

- Malt vinaigrette potato croquette with caviar
- Radishes with ramp yogurt and chicken skin salt
- Fennel and black garlic encrusted sweetbreads
- Fresh loaf of bread with whipped brown butter
- Cured asparagus in macadamia olive oil soup with coriander blossoms
- Morels with hickory smoked mussels
- Spring green pea tortellini with chocolate mint leaves
- Hudson valley duck with chickweed and sweet onion puree and lobster sauce
- Gala apples with goat milk emulsion
- Coffee mouse w/ toasted coconut, lucky sorrel, and chocolate ganache
- Chamomile shortbread sandwich cookie with milk jam

For groups of executives seeking a more relaxed dining option to let the creative juices flow, these new venues have very cool vibes. In fact, our favorite so far is a converted yoga studio!

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