Friday, June 06, 2014

Large Corporate Meetings: Curated content saves time, improves destination experience

"Curated content" is a hot trend right now and we think it is a huge breakthrough for large corporate or association meetings with heavy business components.

Until recently, large meetings were social media bonanzas for attendees.  Whether it includes tweeting opinions of speakers or answering questions, social media is not exactly the most organized platform to accomplish business deliverables.

While we have blogged that private technology apps have exponentially optimized business components at large meetings, dealing with large blocks of data can still be a huge challenge.  This is where curated content comes in.  It can streamline lots of information and focus attendees on the most important elements that need the group's attention.  Metrics across multiple industries are showing that this strategy increases mobile sharing, so don't worry that attendees will suddenly be silent on social media during the meeting.  They will be simply be savvy about it.

Most importantly, curated content might be the huge kind of time-saver that offers association executives more opportunities for breakout lunches and every attendee more destination experiences.  Isn't that why your group is meeting in an exciting location like New York?