Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Burger Bonanza Break: 3 new twists for your NYC meeting

Tired of the basic burger for your meeting break? Use your next corporate destination meeting to add some serious creativity to the plain old bun.

Here are 3 of our favorites:

1. Beignet Burger. It’s a New Orleans favorite that is growing in popularity in New York. Sort a fritter pillow with powdered sugar. But don’t stop there. Add bacon marmalade, heirloom tomatoes, cheddar, red onions and arugula.
2. Doughnut Burger. Have you ever tried a 7-Eleven doughnut? They are awesome, so try incorporating them as your burger bun. Ok, you should probably book a hotel with a gym for your attendees, but heck, everyone only lives once!
3. Ramen Burger. Our blog is probably on “Ramen 90.0″, but its uses are endless in New York. In this case, the ramen is compressed into buns. We recommend using Angus beef, arugula, scallions and shoyu sauce.

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