Thursday, November 06, 2014

Green Meetings: Have Your Cup and Eat it Too!

Have you noticed that plastic cups and plastic wine glasses are showing up at more events? No one will argue that disposable cups help prevent the inevitable shattering sound at cocktail hour that leads to someone’s embarrassment (hopefully not yours!), but don’t tell that to Mother Earth.

Landfills get almost a billion of these cups per year and that alone should offset how cool your company’s logo might look on them at a special event.

We found a New York City start-up, Loliware, that offer destination meeting planners lots of cup cache with one huge sustainable advantage – the cups the company has designed for events are 100% biodegradable.
And there is another twist – you can eat the cups! Tasting like a roll-up, Loliware’s vegan cups for Green
Meetings are the next frontier in edible event components.

The company’s founders recently appeared on with business guru Marcus Lemonis and this kind of innovation is not an isolated example. Overall, we are seeing Green Meetings in New York evolve because a new wave of entrepreneurs are finding ways to make sustainability sexy.

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