Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Dine on the $60,000 tortilla at your next corporate meeting

New York City is in the middle of a huge transformation in its Mexican food culture. If you have been thinking of featuring tacos or other components of Mexican cuisine in your corporate event, a new breed of chefs are going to extraordinary lengths to provide an authentic experience.

With one vendor, a $60,000 custom-built length.

Why? The secret is making fresh tortillas the right way, and after years of pre-made corn-flour knockoffs,
New York is an undisputed capital of whole corn kernel tortillas.

The pursuit of perfection isn’t always cheap, but serving tortillas with heat from the original cooking is incorporating the same standard the city’s authentic Italian restaurants use with their pasta.

The toppings are better as well, and that means less is really more. The end-product is healthier, tastier, and authentic enough to put our friends in LA on-notice that there is more than one city doing it right!


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