Monday, November 17, 2014

Stir up Corporate Cocktail Hours with 5 New European Imports

Ever try a new drink at a corporate cocktail hour and wonder where it has been all your life? Perhaps as far away as another continent. While we're not claiming any new drink to be the mixology equivalent of the Santa Maria, here are five hot cocktail party beverage ideas that have made the journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Salers. Based on a flowering Alpine plant, this is a French apertif that can easily be compared to a  Manhattan.  The difference? It uses genetians as a replacement for Vermouth and bitters, and one event venue is pairing it with Aveze.

Scandinavian Aquavit. If you like anything with citrus and licorice, then this double-rye creation will help you sweeten your cocktail hour experience.

Iceland's Black Death to "die for". Featuring potato-based schnapps and caraway seeds, the country's signature drink is being served in Manhattan with Brennevin, anjo rum and Dubonnet.

The Pink Squirrel. It's making a huge comeback after falling off the radar for five decades in the U.S., and the key ingredient is Dutch Creme de Noyaux.

Elisir Novasalus. THE new Italian-based drink for an after-meal cocktail hour. Bold and bitter, Elisir Novasalus features a rich wine base and goes through a six month process of infusions.

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