Monday, January 05, 2015

Winter Monday Jazz Booming for After-Hours at Meetings in New York City

Winter Mondays between now and March have traditionally not been the easiest nights to find something to do after-hours at your corporate meeting. Even in a city with so many entertainment options like New York.

High-end dining venues have taken notice and recently started featuring Monday Jazz. Already with a robust presence in New York, jazz artists are finding that Mondays are bringing in an especially enthusiastic crowd that really wants to see and hear them. And because the city's music scene has exploded with up-an-coming talent, your group can get a front-row seat to talent people with be talking about a lot down the road!

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Born Hellan said...

I love to attend these musical events. I have just started learning music and that is why I always try not to miss these events NYC. Even last week I also attended one and it was really good experience being there.