Monday, January 12, 2015

4 Very Diverse NYC Unique Rooftop Experiences; Yes, More of Them!

You have probably been hearing people like us talk about New York City's rooftop experiences to the point of wondering whether we're finally going to run out of ideas.

But rooftops are the gift that keeps giving and here are 4 more highly diverse ways for your destination corporate meeting group to experience them.

1. Cultural rooftop. While we have already blogged about the one at The Met, other museums have found ways to offer this experience in all seasons. For example, one museum provides an art-hipster experience with 2,000 square-feet of event space. It's a photographer's dream and offers spectacular views of Downtown Manhattan and the Bowery.

2. Stargazer Rooftop. Columbia University has one of the best stargazing venues in America with student-experts right by your side to answer questions from your group. Great for an unusual private event or team-building idea, and if your destination meeting attendees want a moment to reset their necks, they can look out at one of the best views of the George Washington Bridge in New York.

3. A Quiet and Cozy Rooftop. It's not easy to find an all-season rooftop experience in New York. It's even harder to find one without a view-killing plastic tarp in the winter or loud 20-somethings in warm weather. We recommend a venue in Soho that creates an intimate vibe for corporate executives seeking a place to brainstorm after-hours. It's also a welcome cocktail hour idea for small incentive program groups. Did we mention there is an amazing fireplace?

4. The "Divine" Rooftop. Those red buses roll by there too, but how many tourists are climbing 124 stairs to a heavenly experience? Regardless of your faith, the world's 4th largest free-standing Christian church provides a unique fitness and cultural rooftop team-building experience. Its buttresses offer city-wide views with a touch of historic, heavenly architecture.

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