Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Broth: The Hottest Wrinkle-Free Corporate Meeting Break Idea

Remember your mother serving you broth when having the flu as a kid?

It's now the hottest, trendiest winter snack in New York City. Flu or no flu. We think it's also a great idea to to heat up destination corporate meeting breaks, especially if your attendees are gathered anywhere near Union Square.

And there is a reason why your mom made it. It's incredibly healthy. Low in sodium but rich in collagen, broth's benefits include shinier hair and improved complexions. You might say it's the new black in beauty and skin care.

Created from boiling a stock full of nutrients, the most common forms of broth are chicken, turkey and beef.  Manhattan's top broth venues then customize it with a variety of add-ins such as chili oil, shitake mushroom tea, turmeric and beet juice.

If your attendees can't make it outside, don't worry. We have found a service that delivers 16- and 32-ounce jars right to your meeting room!

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