Monday, January 26, 2015

6 Ways to Make a NYC Destination Meeting Extra Special in a Blizzard

While we all have that relative who goes doomsday on us when the first snowflake falls, a blizzard in New York City might be one of the coolest experiences you will ever have. If your corporate meeting group is here today and tomorrow, here are 6 ways to make the week functional and a little extra special.

1. Many services are open. New York City businesses are based on people walking there, so they typically don't close for events like this. Supermarkets like Fairway are already guaranteeing 7am openings tomorrow.

2. Go for a walk the second the blizzard stops. Your attendees will never see the city so quiet from traffic. If you are staying close to Central Park, well, it's simply beautiful after a big snowstorm.

3. Hotels ramp up their game for teleconferencing. This is especially true for New York's new boutiques and retrofitted legacy hotels. There is a good chance people are panicking and hence, cancelling meeting rooms and AV requirements. It could be an opportunity to enhance your business components, or at least make them work as best as possible for unplanned teleconferencing.

4. Hotel bars ramp it too. They know you are not going anywhere and have planned accordingly.

5. Go out a meet New Yorkers. Many offices close during blizzards and locals are legendarily known to use a surprise day off for a staycation at their local Irish Pub. It's an unusually relaxed opportunity to network with industry colleagues, or even the occasional billionaire who is out on a weekday watching a Premier League football match at 11am.

6. New York City's airports know what they are doing in storms. With so much importance domestically and internationally regarding routes in and out of New York, airlines cannot financially afford logistical mistakes here. You'll be surprised how fast the area's three airports will be up an running after an event like this. It's something to keep in mind if considering a New York meeting next winter.

Enjoy the snow!

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