Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Event Technology: Pamper VIPs and block gate-crashers

It doesn't get as much publicity as its fall version, but New York City's Fashion Week in February is just as huge and in 2014, is breaking new ground in event technology.  One of the more intriguing components of this week's show is the use of Zkipster, which is a new tech product that blocks gate crashers while making VIPs feel even more pampered.

This new app lets event organizers swiftly match up pictures sourced from the Internet and stored in the cloud to the people waiting on line to get in.  For major trade shows, it helps reduce gate-crashing, but it also helps workers identify VIPs and give them the appropriate attention.  As part of an overall effort to help planners be better hosts, Zkipster eliminates the need for paper by allowing users to store guest info and get email alerts when a key guest arrives.

Expect to see it next month in Beverly Hills at post-Oscar parties and going forward, at many registration-centric industry trade shows.

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