Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Destination meeting hotels get artsy in New York City

Destination meeting planners have been seeking hospitality options that reflect their attendees' own personal senses of style, and New York City's hotels are responding in more ways than one.

One of the more interesting trends is high-end art on the property.  In some cases, art is being directly commissioned by the hotel.  For example, The Archer Hotel, which is scheduled to opened shortly, will feature Ascent.  According to the hotel, Brooklyn based artist Thomas Broadbent's "perception of scale in this work has created a metaphor for the attainment of knowledge, depicted as a stack of books with a ladder to climb."

Sounds like a good fit for a business meeting venue, doesn't it?

We also love what the James Hotel is doing.  Thanks to in-house curator and artist Matthew Jensen, the hotel features a very unique travel-inspired art collection.  He has also worked with the collective Artists Space in SoHo to devote each of The James' fourteen floors to an emerging artist.  It's like having a art gallery in every hall throughout the hotel.

And perhaps no hotel is best suited for hospitality art than the Kitano New York.  Bearing the same name as the famous museum in Japan, the hotel features permanent pieces throughout the mezzanine and bronze sculptures by Fernando Botero.  It also has launched an "Artist in Hospitality" program.

If art is not a major component of your corporate meeting hotel in 2014, we suggest holding an event or gala at one of the city's multiple art galleries.  This is becoming a huge trend in Manhattan and Brooklyn and many venues can comfortably hold up 300 people. 

Photo: Ascent in the Archer Hotel

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