Monday, February 10, 2014

Broadway: Machinal modernizes a classic into a thriller

Sometimes good things are worth the wait and we can't think of a better example on Broadway than the revival of Machinal

Back for the first time time 1928, the play is based on the real case of convicted murderer Ruth Snyder, who was first woman to die in the electric chair.  Rebecca Hall, who played Scarlett Johansson's sidekick Vicky Christina Barcelona, has brilliantly developed a portrait of a woman who was so on the edge that she suffocates in claustrophobic horror every time she is on the subway, drives herself insane with the sound of typewriters at her job, and kills the boss-turned-husband she never wanted to marry.

Great acting isn't always about delivering a "fun, jump on your feet and dance" show.  In Machinal, Rebecca Hall has humanized a very ugly situation with amazing monologues that could potentially lead to a Tony Award.

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