Friday, April 11, 2014

Corporate Teambuilding: Surfing and Yoga in New York City!

Your corporate meeting doesn’t need to fly attendees to Hawaii or California to enjoy two great activities - surfing and yoga - in one day of corporate teambuilding.   New York City can offer them in Rockaway Beach, which is in a major renaissance.

Surfing and yoga programs are helping transform New York corporate meeting attendees during   morning long retreats.  We have found customized group programs to rejuvenate and to empower the mind, body and spirit through surfing, yoga and the casual Rockaway laidback way.

Your group’s day doesn’t have to end after stepping out of the water.  Rockaway Beach has come along away from the days when people would avoid it.  It offers upscale dining venues with old-school bars next door that are as thick with Queens history as the accents you will hear inside them.  The entire area is now beloved by artists, surfers and Brooklyn and Manhattan hipsters.  It’s becoming a must-see destination, especially during a summer weekday.

Yes, this picture is New York City! 

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