Thursday, October 05, 2006


We like a theme restaurant as much as the next kid on the block. Renaissance fair, pro wrestling, Broadway musical…New Yorkers have seen ‘em all. (Let’s not forget about that restaurant themed after a restaurant from a Tom Hanks movie…you know the one…no, we’re not gonna say it.) Anyway, we have discovered our latest theme obsession. NINJAS! Those stealthy masters of the sword arts, chic-er than chic in all black, have invaded the NYC downtown dining scene and are serving some tres interesting meals. Housed in a “Ninja’s Castle,” this place has been known to be a bit eerie, but packs a whallop on the taste buds. A personal favorite? The meteorite pot (pictured). Yes, that’s a sword. Not pictured –the fact that the rock is 800 degrees. So, how do you say “hot stuff” in Japanese?

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