Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mac Attack

Gentle readers…it has been pointed out by certain members of the viewing audience that our postings, which are chocked full of useful information and pizzazz, focus quite a bit on food. Well, it’s true. We like food. Food likes us. The story of New York is one that involves quite a few chapters on food. So, let’s not be so general about it. Today, we’re going to launch the first in a series of postings where we uncover the nuances behind our favorite dishes at different restaurants, and tell you all about them. Whether it’s a creamy cheese cake, the ultimate burger or…macaroni and cheese. That’s right, our first dish is that cheesy, carb-o-rific throwback to grade school – mac and cheese:

The Hudson Cafeteria – This has always been one of our favorite haunts to have dinner. The large communal tables, the massively tall ceilings, and the great soundtrack, for every meal make The Hudson Cafeteria a must visit. Another reason – some great mac. While there is a decided division in tastes when it comes to a top crust (cheesy? breadcrumbs? no crust?), The Cafeteria hits the right notes with their seasoned breadcrumb topping. Also, if you’re up for some adventure, add a little pancetta and watch your blood pressure soar!

Tenement – Take a stroll to the lower east side to try the mac and cheese at this hipster hangout, which serves an inviting menu of comfort creations. A recent excursion had us noshing on the delish mac, while sipping a cold brew on a very classic New York City-style patio (yes, we could see into other people’s apartments.)

Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse
– Located in the northwest balcony of Grand Central, this famed baller’s steak house serves up the good stuff. The mac at MJ’s joint is practically perfect in every way. Combining multiple cheeses with al dente pasta and baked with a bubbling cheesy crust, it doesn’t get much better than this. (pssst…We’re not naming names, but we know people who pick the crust off the dish for the ultimate cheesy nibble…you know who you are.)

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