Friday, October 13, 2006

Imagine That

With all these people in the news everyday, do you ever just wonder what their lives are really like? Well, what if you could become another person for one day just to find out? Crazy thought, huh? Well, a recent poll of the lovely Shackmanites, hard at work, revealed some very interesting answers to the question of who they would swap skin with:

Mayor Mike Bloomberg – He’s the big kahuna around these parts, and it would be amazing to be “in-the-know” like Mike, just to see what makes NYC tick. But, let’s be honest, with a city like New York, we might only be able to handle 12 hours, max.

Derek Jeter – Ok, we don’t want to be him. We want to date him. We all want to date him. But, we’re clearly in our right mind because so does everyone else. We love Derek Jeter. We just want Derek to love us back.

Martha Stewart – Who wouldn’t want access to her life? Her collection of whisks and cutlery alone is enough to drive us to total kitchenware envy. Throw in access to the farm in Connecticut, with the horses and the barn, and we just want to be Martha…now that she’s no longer on lock–down.

The City Parks Commissioner – We have to admit that we only just found out that the Parks Commissioner is Adrian Benepe. (Thank you Google.) Who knew? What we do know is that this is the guy who is on a mission to keep NYC green and alive, and we want to get in on that action.

Donald Trump – If only so we could encourage a hairstyle change…not that we’re judging.

Marian Seldes – a five-time Tony Award Nominee, Ms. Seldes personifies what we love about the theatre. Whether she’s passionate, detached, revealing or concealing, she is a delight to watch on the stage, and it would be amazing to experience being her in the glow of the footlights.

Vanessa Manillo – Because she’s dating Nick Lachey. 'Nuff said.

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