Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall into Museums

Ok, we don’t know why we’re surprised. It happens every year. Summer leaves New York and heads down to the southern hemisphere and Lady Fall shows up bringing with her lovely foliage, the chance to wear fun scarves and hats, and lots more reasons to love New York. What reasons? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here’s a big one: Museums, Museums, Museums! Who wants to waste a beautiful summer day inside? Not us, so we save our museum trolling for the cooler months. Right now the Museum of the City of New York has a great exhibit on Dorothy Draper, interior designer and stylist bellisima. The Museum of Sex (yes, there's truly a museum for everything) is currently showing an exhibit called “Peeping, Probing and Porn: Four Centuries of Graphic Sex in Japan.” If that’s a bit more than you need to know about the Japanese (or anyone), head over to the newly redesigned MoMA. Still buzzing since its re-opening last year and packing in the crowds, MoMA is showing an exhibit featuring new photography, as well contemporary exhibit on expressions of time. We’re not exactly sure how one expresses time, but we’re gonna find out.

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