Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Go Ahead…Let the Rhythm Get You

We don’t know if it’s just us, but it seems like entertainment options at events have gotten a little…tired. We don’t mean to judge, but we’re going to. It seems like parties want the entertainment to be lite…nutra-fun…not the real deal. Well, here are some ideas to pep things up at your next event:

Esoteric Human Statues
– Is it art? Is it entertainment? Who’s to say? But, these human statues make quite an impression at events and their graceful movements and faceless motion are captivating to watch. We’re still not quite sure what we saw, but we liked it.

Steel Drums – You just have not lived until you’ve heard New York, New York on the steel drum. Ok, we’re exaggerating, but there’s no reason why this amazing island-style music can’t bring some energy to your next event.

DJ Chef – Is he feeding you or entertaining you? Well, DJ mix it up one time, cuz this chef is ready to spin. Bringing together his twin passions, the DJ Chef will raise the roof and feed your stomach with his stunning culinary creations. Pump it up, pump it up!

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