Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"On the Town" celebrates its 70th Anniversary with a 2014 Broadway revival

With Memorial Day in the U.S. fresh on our minds and another successful Fleet Week wrapping up today in New York City, Broadway is picking up the armed forces baton with its 2014 revival of On the Town.

While the cast does not include legends like Bernadette Peters, who was nominated for a Tony Award for the musical's earlier revivals in 1972, it still features the music of Leonard Bernstein. 

If your destination corporate meeting group enjoy the brilliance of Bernstein, what else do you need?

First debuting in 1944 and back again this Fall, On the Town is set during World War II where three sailors, Chip,Ozzie, and Gabey, begin their 24-hour shore leave, eager to explore "New York, New York". Gabey falls in love with the picture of "Miss Turnstiles," who is actually Ivy Smith. The sailors race around New York attempting to find her in the brief period they have while in town.

They are assisted by, and become romantically involved with, two women, and pair up: Ozzie with Claire DeLoone (an anthropologist) and Chip with Hildy Esterhazy (an amorous and aggressive taxi driver). Hildy invites Chip to "Come Up to My Place". Claire and Ozzie get "Carried Away" in the museum. But for Gabey it's a "Lonely Town" until he finds Ivy ("Miss Turnstiles"). The group have a number of adventures before their leave ends and they must return to their ship to head off to war.

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