Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Get ready to rumble! "Rocky" wins over the guys on Broadway

Meeting planners are always asking us about Broadway shows for their attendees, but sometimes the guys in the group aren't exactly the musical types.  Rocky, which opens this week, has wowed male audiences in the previews and is the perfect Broadway option if your attendees skew to the less fairer sex.

In contrast to metrics showing that 68 percent of theatergoers are female, Rocky is the one show where the line to the men's room during intermission might be longer than the one to the ladies' room.  From the Act Two showdown between Rocky and Apollo Creed where the orchestra clears the way for a boxing ring to Adrian running through the audience, it's really easy to feel like you are 100 miles to the south in Philadelphia at the main event itself.

Shackman Associates provides corporate meeting, association convention and destination incentive group with unique Broadway experiences that frequently include backstage tours and interaction with key performers.

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