Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Broadway: Tyne Daly spectacular as a stubborn post-AIDS mother-in-law

Tyne Daly, both on-screen and on-Broadway, might be one of America's most treasured actresses.  She has returned to the stage this Spring as the lead in Mothers and Sons, which opens on March 24.

The production is based on Andre's Mother, a play originally written by Terrance McNally that was turned into a drama film and picked up in 1990 as part of the "American Playhouse" series on PBS.

Set at the Manhattan memorial service for Andre Gerard, who died of AIDS, Andre's Mother focuses on the inability to come to terms with this kind of death.  Andre's mother, "Katherine", refuses to share her grief with "Cal", the young man's lover. Her rage is directed not only at the man she never accepted and her own mother, who was less judgmental of her grandson's life, but at Andre himself as well.

The mother, alone at the end, kisses her balloon and lets go.  But we really don’t hear her vocally because McNally keeps her silent.

In Mothers and Sons, Andre's mother is back and has a lot to say. Played by Tony Award-winning actress Tyne Daly, "Katherine" returns to New York to seek out "Cal" (Frederick Weller) for the first time since Andre’s memorial, and finds that he has a husband, "Will" (Bobby Steggert), and that they are raising a 6-year-old son, "Bud" (Grayson Taylor).  "Katherine" is about as politically incorrect as they come, which sets the scene for a lot of family drama around an issue that has significantly transformed public opinion over the last 10 years.

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