Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Food at Corporate Meetings: Pucker up for Pickles

Does choosing a food and beverage menu for your corporate destination meeting have you in a pickle?  Try the pickles themselves!

In New York City, pickles have very storied history.  When thousands of immigrants settled in the Lower East Side around 1910, they clustered in the "pickle district" of Essex and Ludlow Streets. These early 20th century pickle vendors gave birth to what would be known as "New York style" pickles, and although the industry has changed a lot, some of original pickle vendor brands are still around today.

Over the past three years, pickled food ideas are popping up throughout the city.  In some cases, venues are tapping into New York's pickle tradition and combining it with a southern fried twist.  We found one that includes communal tables that are ideal for corporate events.  Your meeting can also order them in as a meeting break idea.  For example, offer your attendees a New York pickle sampler which can feature dilly green beans, thyme jalapeños, candy red beets and sour green tomatoes.

And then there is the pickle martini.  Mixologists are incorporating it into drink menus and if you choose once of the speakeasies we have have blogged about for a cocktail hour, there is a good chance your attendees will be sipping one.