Thursday, January 02, 2014

A new way to "90-Proof" After-hours Events at NYC Corporate Meetings

Looking for a new twist for a corporate meeting cocktail hour? New York City is one of the few destinations where distilleries are exploding in growth.  It's a great idea for a tasting event in 2014.

In 2007, New York introduced a special farm license that allowed manufacturers who used at least 75 percent of local grain to produce small quantities of alcohol and sell it directly to consumers as distilleries. 
Many of these distilleries have opened in places where you might expect them - Flatiron, East Village, and of, course, Brooklyn.  In some cases, they are teaming with chefs to produce an entire farm-to-table experience.

Distilleries are different than speakeasies because most of the "mixology" takes place before a bartender ever grabs the bottle to pour.  In Manhattan, they have become laboratories that now produce microbrands such as Uncouth Vermouth.  Tastings with samples no one has heard of makes this event idea more exclusive and experiential than ever!

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