Friday, January 17, 2014

Food at Corporate Meetings: Say Cheese!

Chefs at top corporate meeting hotels in New York City are harnessing the complex flavors of their dishes with all kinds of cheese creations.  And there seems to be no limit to what qualifies, including sushi. 

That might be extreme for some palates, but the days of typical cheese plates or multi-cheese-only banquet offerings are certainly getting some very provocative newcomers. 

Here is one cheesy idea we never thought we would like, but did: Cheese on Ramen.

Think we are crazy? Try a smoked salmon mazeman for a lunch break idea, which is a ramen topped with lox and small balls of deep-fried cream cheese.  In a typical ramen soup, there is more broth. But in a mazeman, the broth is cooked until it’s thick, and then combined with butter, so the base of the noodle dish is already creamy and combining with the smoked fish.

If your attendees are checking out Koreatown or if you are planning a off-site authentic dining experience at new haute Korean dining venues throughout Manhattan, cheese is making its way into dishes.  Although dairy is not traditional in Korean cooking, one venue estimates that 70% of orders come from one dish where a mozzarella and cheddar cheese topping is added to a typically popular rice cake stewed in a spicy blend of pork and kimchi.


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