Monday, January 27, 2014

4 last-minute ideas for a corporate trip to the Super Bowl

It’s not too late to plan a last-minute corporate trip to the Super Bowl, especially if you get creative.

We have been bringing in concierge cars from as far away as Washington, DC and have pulled out all the stops on everything from gift bags to unusual corporate parties in the Big Apple.

Regardless of the weather, New York can accommodate events like Super Bowls better than any other city simply based on all the dining and entertainment options.

 4 last-minute Super Bowl week ideas for corporate groups:

1.     Be your own Super Bowl halftime show.  It’s a hot trend in corporate meetings where top musicians in Manhattan work with corporate groups in a recording studio.
2.     Ice skating – not roller derby.  Skip the overcrowded touristy ice rinks and opt for the covered outdoorLeFrak at Lakeside Park in Brooklyn.
3.     Go Off-Broadway for shows like “NEWSical the Musical”.
4.     Taste of New York City at Distilleries.  Still under the radar, these are laboratories that produce unique microbrands such as Uncouth Vermouth.  Tastings with samples no one has heard of makes this event idea more exclusive and experiential than ever!

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