Thursday, December 19, 2013

Event Venues: The grass is much greener for Randall's Island in 2014

Located where the East and Harlem Rivers merge, Randall's Island is the site of many huge concerts and via Icahn Stadium, sporting events.  Using water taxis from Midtown East, the journey there can be half the fun.  This unique combined experience is why meeting planners frequently consider Randall's Island as a venue for major corporate events and galas.

Until recently, it has also been a venue for unwanted water.  Lots of it.

During this year’s Governors Ball, torrential rains and three days of music destroyed the grass fields of Randall’s Island, leaving the grounds in a state of disrepair.  Afterward, Governors Ball organizers helped restore the grounds to a substantially better condition than they were before record setting rains and thousands of fans turned the island into a mud pit. Working with the NYC Department of Parks, organizers laid down over nine acres of brand new grass and made important infrastructure improvements to prevent future flooding.

There might not be much green to look at on Randall's Island in December, but your outdoor event will have plenty of it there to enjoy in a few short months!

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