Friday, December 13, 2013

Take a dip in a 107-degree Roman Bath with 25 of your meeting attendees

Destination corporate meetings are helping attendees take some serious stress away with an idea that is as old as Julius Caesar.

The new Russian- and Roman-inspired baths that have popped up in Manhattan are more luxurious and sexier than their predecessors. It's huge departure from the tech-driven team-building games, but why work so hard when your meeting can opt for some old fashioned hedonism?  We recently found a 16,000-foot underground brick-and-glass den in New York City's TriBeCa. Options include vast electricity-free villas to bathing coaches that hand-pour olive oil, red wine, or cava upon request. The hottest dipping pools are 107 degrees and the cold plunges are quite refreshing icy at 50 degrees. Also included are gauzy curtains, heated marble floors, terra-cotta lanterns and a no-talking policy that transforms turn a pretty basic thing like floating in water into a ridiculous pleasure.

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