Thursday, February 12, 2015

Corporate Galas and Events: Fall in Love With Falling Off the Bone

One of the hottest and tastiest menu items you can offer at corporate gala is short ribs. Chefs in New York City are finding new ways to serve it, and we would argue it has become the equivalent of hand-crated beer for foodies.

If you are a meeting planner with an international group coming to New York, experiencing the creativity behind some of the best short ribs is really an experience that is most unique in the United States.

Short ribs are made from large, lean meaty ribs, are braised, and then slow-cooked for hours so they fall off the bone when you eat them. Some of our favorite versions we are seeing are fettuccine short ribs, short ribs mixed with mushrooms and Holsin or Guinness, short-rib and potato pizza, and of course, the traditional southwestern-style version.

Short ribs are also incredibly versatile with wine and beerpairings, so your attendees will be able to customize the dinner's complete experience!

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