Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Corporate Teambuilding and Cocktail Party Idea to Get Stoked About!

Whether it is "sick", "rad", "gnar", or just really fun to do or watch, skateboarding is getter bigger than ever in New York, even after we first blogged about it last year.

If you are wondering how anyone could possibly skate anywhere when it is 21 degrees outside with occasional chance of snow, we have found the answer at a new event venue in Brooklyn that pushes the envelope with an indoor skating park.

If your destination meeting group is full of millennials, they now have an awesome team-building and after-hours idea where the season if irrelevant.  If your attendees simply want a cocktail party idea where they can be wowed, skaters from all over New York drop in every day and pull off some really amazing tricks.

You'll be stoked!

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