Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meetings on a Budget: Larger screening rooms, bigger savings

Shackman Associates New York recently gave you the scoop on hotels with screening rooms for corporate meeting groups.  Because some meeting planners need more capacity than 100 seats, Manhattan has three distinctive venues that can seat 140, 187 and 262.  All in unique locations with costs close to or less than hotel screening rooms.

One screening venue is located in the heart of Chelsea and has hosted corporations that include Conde Nast.  It also features an event venue next door that can accommodate a cocktail party or gala for several hundred attendees,

Another potential venue will take your attendees into the heart of New Film history.  Located in the East Village and close to many trendy hotels in SoHo, this screening room is located in an historic brick theater house and features an “old-school” décor you would find during the 1970’s.  But the history moves aside when your group enters the high-tech main theater that is ideal for major association meetings or events.

The third option is located within blocks of Lincoln Center and features a 263-seat theater.  It maintains an intimate vibe and can accommodate any kind of corporate presentation, from Blu-Ray to film.

Summer screening at colleges

New York’s many colleges and universities have auditoriums that mostly go unused during June and July.  It’s an ideal time to schedule a major presentation. 

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