Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brooklyn Tech Triangle Will Geographically Alter Corporate Meetings

New York City is already the #2 tech hub in America.  The Brooklyn Tech Triangle will make it #1.  A new plan for downtown Brooklyn was released this week and calls for changes meant to attract high-tech businesses, startups and thousands of employees.  The Tech Triangle will include new transportation corridors, bike paths and footbridges, re-energized and pedestrian-friendly streets, and a host of new green spaces.

It will also geographically alter corporate meetings in the tech industry. 

Shackman Associates New York has frequently blogged about the growth of trendy boutique hotels in Brooklyn.  With 800 rooms and many more coming soon, their innovative, sustainable culture and sense of style are a perfect fit for the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.  And improvements to public transportation that are already underway will open up more tech meeting attendee hospitality options throughout Manhattan. 

Photo courtesy of NY1

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