Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4 New Tech Features for Meeting Scavenger Hunts

We have blogged multiple times about uses of QR codes at corporate meetings and destination incentives.  We recently incorporated QR and GPS into a scavenger hunt in Central Park in Manhattan and more advances have been made to make team building activities like this even more exciting.

Among the newest features available for a scavenger hunt are:

1. Mobile optimized web-based applications that will work with all types of mobile devices
2. Synergy to track your group's progress and see how your competitors are doing
3. No need to download a gaming app
4. A platform admin portal, QR window client and other elements such as T-shirts, posters, pillows and pop-up banners.

Not surprisingly, New York City leads the US in venues with QR codes.  This includes most public attractions, hotels and many retailers.  With expanded technology, Shackman Associates can help your meeting group customize any scavenger hunt with efficient scheduling, unique challenges, and enhanced interactivity with locals. 

Photo courtesy of Worldseeker

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