Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meeting Break Idea: Gourmet Greek Yogurt Bars in NYC

Tired of the usual pastry and coffee at your destination meeting?  Are food trucks yesterday's news? In New York City, an exciting breed of "Yogurt Bars" have opened in Manhattan near many major hotel venues.

Greek yogurt, with thicker consistency than more sugary competitors found in many supermarkets, has become increasingly popular because it's low in fat and high in protein. 

Chobani and Dannon have opened stores in SoHo, which is close to multiple new boutique hotels, and at Grand Central Station in Midtown, a five minute walk from the Waldorf and Hyatt.  Like New York's gourment coffee houses which attract tens of thousands of tourists, yogurt bar menus include items you can't get anywhere else in the US - for example, yogurt featuring chopped figs and walnuts with honey drizzled on top, or yogurt with cucumbers or olive oil.

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Anonymous said...

Now if only they served that in our incentive meetings - then I'd really be motivated!