Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why ObamaCare Ruling Justifies Corporate Meetings

Whether you agree or disagree with today’s ruling on ObamaCare, we are still left with a 2,000-page law that few people, businesses and industry associations understand. 

Hospitals, medical device manufacturers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, technology companies and the health care investment community will need, now more than ever, a forum to discuss how to prepare for new regulations and opportunities and act individually and as industries.

And that’s just in health care.  Virtually every company and industry association will be affected by the health care law and corporate leaders will need to thoroughly discuss continuing compliance strategies.

It makes a powerful case for a corporate or association meeting.   

Here in New York City, we have seen dynamic growth of innovative health care companies and health care technology firms.   We have also managed meetings for international Pharma manufacturers, insurance companies, and large associations with heavy business components.  With over 90,000 available hotel rooms in the city, meeting planners can quickly find the amenities and business components they need to schedule a productive forum.

Let’s hope politicians in Washington understand how important these meetings will be.  MPI recently released a toolkit that helps planners justify the need for meetings whenever the media or Congress claims it’s a waste.

If politicians in Washington continue to stand by behind ObamaCare, then they also need to stand behind corporate meetings that will help it work better.     

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