Friday, June 08, 2012

Off-Broadway for Meeting Groups: A Wonderfully Chaotic Event

An Off-Broadway production can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. But you haven't really visited New York until you experience one.  With Fuerza Bruta, your corporate group will absorb fear, shame, chaos, serenity, harmony, and peace all in one "scene".  For example, there is a man running on a treadmill who is running from his problems.  Or perhaps the man running on the treadmill is running from fear.  The performers obviously thrive on chaos.  Maybe that's why women and men in the show throw boxes at each other.

But if it was cool enough for Usher to make two special guest performances, Fuerza Bruta is cool enough for your next after-hours meeting idea. 

Shackman Associates just checked it out - you are right in the middle of the experience at Fuerza Bruta.  Originally from Buenos Aires, there is the music, the fun, some confetti, and at times, it feels like you are in the movie Inception.

You won't forget it.

Productions like this are popping up everywhere in New York and Shackman Associates provides meeting attendees with special experiences at these kinds of shows.

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