Friday, September 14, 2007

What's Hot

Keepin' It Real – Let’s be honest, K.I.R never experiences the chilly winds that come with being out of style. But, K.I.R. version 9.14 is All Brooklyn, All Bowling. The Gutter - the first bowling alley opened in BK in half a century - is a hoot. That's right - a hoot! With a Schlitz globe in the house and old school pin-setters, this new “Old as New” bowling alley is going to be paradise to Brooklyn’s many hipsters. We’ll probably even make a swing by to check it out.

Fall – Ok, go with us on this one. We realize that Fall is temperately cooler than summer, which makes it decidedly “not hot” on principle. But, we heart the way that in the Fall, people start strolling down the streets again in NYC wearing funky hats, chucky scarves and clunky shoes. It’s like people remember what it’s like to dress for fun and that is just…hot.

Zeppoles – People...The Feast of San Genero has officially started, and that means that the hot, hot, hot little balls of deep-fried, sweet goodness known as Zeppoles are back in town. Run, do not walk down to Little Itlay. There is just nothing like a stroll down Mulberry, taking in the sights and sounds of the Annual Street Festival while munching on these bad boys.

Derek Jeter – HOT. Then, Now, Forever.

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