Monday, September 17, 2007

With Our Rabbit Ears, We Declare

So, after a particularly busy weekend, we were thrilled to find ourselves sacked out in front of the TV (or our best friend Ramon, as we like to call him) last night watching the Emmy Awards. While it wasn’t a particularly exciting show to watch (Ramon and I blame Ryan Seacrest), it did make us think of our deep, committed and unwavering love of television. And it also made us realize just how many of shows in our glassy-eyed past are based on New York. So, here is a listing of some of Team Shackman’s favorite NYC TV Shows, in no particular order:

Law & Order – Spawning spin-off after spin-off, and employing just about every actor at some point in their career, L&O is practically a cottage industry.

Sex and the City – It’s no secret that the strongest relationship on the show was the characters marriage to The Big Apple. NYC is quite a looker - who can blame them?

Seinfeld – Duh.

30 Rock – we heart Tina Fey. Bigtime.

Everybody Hates Chris – Ok…we don’t really watch this show. But, it represents Brooklyn, which we do heart. And Ramon likes it.

Saturday Night Live – Duh squared.

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