Friday, September 21, 2007

Park(ing) NYC-style

What’s hap, hap, happening on this lovely Fall Friday in NYC? Lovely that you asked. Time’s Up and Green Map, two of the city's many active environmental organizations, are sponsoring Park(ing) Day in the West Village. This one-day global event is hosted in various cities, and features a collaboration between artists, activitists and citizens to temporarily transform metered parking spots into Park(ing) spaces – temporary public parks. This year’s park is hitting the streets today in front of Birdbath Green Bakery on 7th Ave at Charles Street until 6 pm. We hear that some comfy chairs, a bit of shade and a spot of lemonade is being provided. Here's a pic of last year's park in midtown. As kids who love our city for moving toward a greener way of being, we’re all for parking it on the street for the afternoon.

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