Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We're Ready For Our Close-up

EVERYONE knows that New York is the capital for celebrity sightings. We were reminded once again this weekend when we took our guests to Rockefeller Center, only to have them sit front row for a taping of a performance by Christina Aguilera. Yes, the former mousekeeter is just one of the many of the glitterati who consider New York home or spend a considerable amount of time here. So, today, kiddies, we’re going to turn on our star-dar with an interactive quiz on some of the SA-NY team’s favorite celeb sightings. The first reader to email us (dmc@shackmanassociates.com) with the correct answers to our name the star quiz will get a copy of “Scenes from the City,” the new book showing iconic NYC film moments. Good luck!

1) This domestic doyenne was sprung from jail and we recently caught her dining at Café Gray in the Time Warner Center.
2) This soon-to-be-bride was bidding on auction items for one her favorite charities, a long, long, long way from the creek!
3) As a tag-along to one of our Central Park tours, our guests interviewed this legendary journalist on her favorite flowers in the Conservatory Garden.
4) The talk turned to our favorite salads at an Upper West Side restaurant with this international rockstar and humanitarian.
5) “Interpreting” the conversation between this lovely leading lady and her co-star, fresh from filming at the UN, was our top priority one evening at a Meatpacking District restaurant.
6) We didn't need any "proof" when we saw the flowing blond locks of this actress, who splits her time between New York and London.
7) Standing next to him in the elevator, we couldn’t help but notice that this former mayor really does have a pearly, white smile.
8) With NY as her backdrop, this movie icon made us want to pull out a bowler hat, men’s tie and vest to stroll the Upper East Side with her.
9) With his Sundance-kissed locks and twinkling smile, this legend will always be one of our favorite actors, and his charitable contributions are just another reason to love him.
10) Looking up to this talk-show host was never a problem when we’ve seen him on the Upper West Side, as the funny man is quite tall!

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