Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Prime Filet Ribeye T-Bone Flank Stuff

Now that we are coming down off of yesterday’s massive sugar high, we need a bit of sustenance. What better place to look than some of the city’s newest and most meaty-rific restaurants? We’ve already told you about Porter House NYC, but the newest movement in restaurants seems to be toward what Doctor Suess called “roast beast.” So, what’s out there? We’re tickled you asked:

STK – This appropriate addition to the Meatpacking District is right up our alley, with less “big macho steakhouse” vibe and more “you’re a glamazon in NYC.” Who knew that you could order steak in small, medium and large, just like clothing? Great lighting, good food, and an exclusive lounge scene downstairs, STK targets the femme fatale and metrosexual in us all.

Ted’s Montana Grill – Mr. CNN has come down from the mountains and delivered bison to Manhattan. Umm…did we need bison? Well, apparently we did. Besides being the catalyst for the chain of events that brought us Anderson Cooper (we heart you, Anderson), Ted Turner is the world’s largest bison farmer. His eco-friendly restaurant is now a fixture in Rock Center, bringing a new twist to the Media Alley on the Avenue of the Americas.

BLT Burger – We like to think that we’re best friends with Laurent Tourondel, for no reason other than the fact that we really like his restaurants. It’s fair to say LT wouldn’t count us amongst his nearest and dearest, but the much-buzzed about BLT Burger in the Village seems like a personalized attempt to get on our sweet side. We haven’t been there yet, but you can bet your bottom burger with blue cheese and red onion that we'll be there soon.

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