Thursday, November 19, 2015

Broadway: King Charles III would make Shakespeare Proud

If you have scheduled a destination corporate meeting in New York City over the next 11 weeks, you might want us to help you check out King Charles III on Broadway. 

The play will take your attendees to the not-to-distant future where Charles, Prince of Wales, finally becomes King of England. He's an idealist, but is surrounded by vultures: a treacherous family, sneaky politicians, and a disloyal court.

What begins as a satire on the royal family and the English transforms into a production with the royals behaving much as their public personae. But the plot deepens into something Shakespearean in its intensity. In fact, there are many Shakespearean allusions, including an unexpected ghost who is one of the forces against Charles. Then there is the Duchess of Cambridge, played by Lydia Wilson, who has learned her trade at Lady Macbeth's knee, and children you would swear were King Lear's.

King Charles III is a fantastic, mature play with a limited engagement.

Shackman Associates New York provides destination corporate meeting, association convention, and incentive travel groups with unique Broadway experiences that have included backstage tours and interaction with key performers.


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