Monday, March 30, 2015

Destination Meeting Hotels: A Local New York Vibe with a "Wow" Indoor Pool

We are being frequently asked by destination meeting and incentive travel program planners how to incorporate the "local vibe" of New York City into more elements of their attendees' experiences. What if the local experience surrounded them everywhere at their hotel?

The Marmara Park Avenue is doing just that.

Opening in April, this hospitality venue is going "experiential local" everywhere it can. Whether it is the lobby’s 14-foot fireplace, its steel vestibule, or its handpicked furnishings, they are all custom-designed by artisans in the five boroughs and led by New York artist and designer Joe Ginsberg.  It's chic Manhattan with high ceilings, spacious layouts and private terraces in 40 of the 128 guest rooms.

The Marmara Park Avenue features 1,375 secluded square feet of event space that can be divided into two separate rooms of 825 and 550 square feet. It also has a private kitchen!

And then there is the indoor pool. Oh, wow. With an incredibly chill vibe, a combination of Roman and Asian design elements, and a hardwood high-ceiling, it's a spectacular amenity that deserves plenty of off-hours attention!

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