Monday, November 11, 2013

Meeting Food Trends: Wild Boar and Pork Belly Replace "Rubber Chicken"

As further proof that the days of "the chicken" and "the beef" are over at corporate destination meeting luncheons and dinners, consider what options meeting planners now have to satisfy taste buds that are more demanding and curious than ever.

Meetings can feature personalized menus with vibrant flavors from the freshest of local, organic and sustainable ingredients. Chefs are also incorporating high-end infused oils such as Manni olive oil from Italy as well as sauces and condiments like Blood Orange Syrup, fruit-infused Balsamic and sophisticated combinations of herbs.

And there's wild boar.  It's appearing everywhere on menus at top restaurants, especially with pasta.  It can be featured at your meeting too.  Today's attendees are also dining on specialized cuts of meat such as pork belly, Kobe beef, Wagyu beef, Kurobuta and multiple versions of Long Island duck.

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