Monday, August 12, 2013

Off-Broadway Update: Be the star of the worst remake ever

The movie "Point Break" was a huge when it was released in 1991.  It also launched the career of Keanu Reeves as undercover FBI agent Johnny Utah, and had Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey in roles that now all seem kind of laughable.

But Alcorn Entertainment decided to order a remake a few months ago, which has led to an explosion of YouTube parodies.  It has also led to the birth of a very unusual Off-Broadway show: "Point Break Live."

This show travels around New York City doing its own remake of the movie and has an interesting catch: the part of Johnny Utah is selected from the audience!  Shackman Associates thinks this is a great way for corporate incentive groups to have a little fun at the expense of an good-sport executive who might be selected as the next Keanu Reeves.

It doesn't take a real actor to make a good Johnny Utah because as the show's producer noted to the New York Times, "In the movie, it looked like he just received his lines, so feeding them on a cue card to a volunteer won't look that much different."

Shackman Associates New York develops unique experiences for corporate meetings, association meetings and destination incentives that often include backstage passes, interaction with key performers, and off-Broadway shows that attendees won't find in other cities throughout the world.

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