Thursday, August 22, 2013

Association Meetings and Conferences: Consider private technology to filter out endless social media updates

While there is continuing debate on how to use social media during business components at conferences and large association meetings, we recently came across a firm, QnA, via Twitter (@NYCmeetingDMC) that figured out how to create a hyper-intelligent, private system to deliver very targeted results.

The key is to provide moderators with more control than ever over questions, answers and even who gets asked the questions. 

With this kind of technology, your association meeting attendees can now ask unlimited questions, and moderators can quickly filter out ones that don't make sense or disrupt the flow.  Furthermore, because speakers can clearly see the questions being asked, they do not get lost among the noise of status updates.

Need to export data into a spreadsheet or pdf format?  It's a one-click process.  Moderators and speakers can also create components for live polling, discussion capture and event feedback.  And finally, we are seeing an opportunity to run meetings without requiring attendees to download apps that might work differently on the iPhone versus a Galaxy. 

Photo courtesy of QnA, @QnA_Event_Tech

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