Thursday, January 05, 2012

LED Events Illuminate 2012

LED is taking lighting and digital video anywhere for any kind of event.  Whether it is taking lighting under water to light flowers, lighting trees without needing wires, and even putting LED lighting in fabric  - do not worry about starting a fire, the possibilities are endless.   Here's an example of how far lighting has advanced – Shackman Associates New York organized a 10-boat flotilla a few years ago for 2,500 meeting attendees on the Hudson River with each boat lit in a different color.  This was an enormous, laborious project that would take a fraction of the time to pull off today.

Video lighting has advanced to the point where a meeting can feature paper-thin video screens and walls of steam for videos.  Events can replicate things in real life you used to only see in movies.  With enough creativity, events can do almost anything with lighting.

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