Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 More Ways to "Heat" up Outdoor Corporate Events in the Winter

Shackman Associates New York recently published ideas on how to hold outdoor corporate events in the winter that included retractable roofs and sophisticated snuggies. 

In 2012, we're shedding the robes and focusing our eyes in the opposite direction:

1. Heated Floors.  Some of New York's top rooftop venues will keep you on your toes with spectacular views and keep them warm too with floors that automatically heat up when the temperature drops to 32 degrees Farenheit.

2. Fire Pits and Pitas.  It's no longer impossible to find a fire pit east of the Rockies!  Legal ones, that is.  "Porch" style venues are incorpating a touch of the wild west with other amenities like the ever-popular food truck.  If your event is in the evening, the city's numerous taco and greek food trucks can be added to a fire-side teambuilding chat.

3. Wind-resistant heated tents.  Heated tents aren't necessarily a revelation, but if you can erect one that withstands 100mph winds, now you're on to something.  Ok, New York City winter winds aren't that bad, but they can sure whip around a corner in January and February.  Event venues with heated, flapped tents are now offering a truly outdoor experience with wind-chill-supplanting room temperatures.

Still cold?  New York City's mixologists are creating new drinks in the New Year including ginger juleps, honey and tobacco-infused rum, tequila spiced with chili.

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