Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harvesting Corporate Incentives

It’s harvest season in New York and that includes several wineries right here in Manhattan.  If you’re planning a 2012 meeting in New York and looking for a convenient teambuilding event, city wineries have become ideal venues.

You’re probably wondering where a winery could find acres of land in Manhattan to rival the valleys of California or North Fork of Long Island.  The wineries here are very different, but the varietals offered (or created by you) are quite refreshing!

For example, one venue in Manhattan offers classes that are fun for teambuilding and features a concert stage for exclusive corporate meeting galas.  Another venue in Brooklyn is more intimate, harvests award-winning house wines and we have relationships that can provide corporate groups an exciting event throughout the entire facility, including its outdoor component (perfect for food vendors) and renowned picture booth.

While many New York restaurants serve wine from Long Island’s multiple vineyards, your group can enjoy a unique experience by harvesting a Fall event for your company here at a city winery.

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